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Photography pulled me back to it. 20 or so years after having a camera, I began to use my mobile phone to capture images of travel, events and life. Then in 2017 I took a photograph and won a holiday. It would be great to have been able to enlarge the image and use it.


When I realised mobile phone photography had its limitations I began researching a camera to buy. At that time I was challenged by life and it felt that each time I stepped behind the camera, all the worries and concerns disappeared. The more I observed plants and nature the more interested I was in the world of macro and the more it brought me to that moment in time. Add in a macro lens to my kit and a whole new world of fascination welcomed me.

Stepping behind the camera absorbs me into our natural world and for that moment in time I can only focus on the image in front of me and marvel at its creation. 

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