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 Quirky Junket -

My photography journey began in 2018. At that time I was challenged by life and it felt that each time I stepped behind the camera, all the worries and concerns disappeared. As a self taught photographer I am amazed when my peers ask questions. 10,000 hours of practise to master a skill they say is needed and I must be a few hours into my photography skills by now.

I'd been told a few years before that I noticed the small things in life. At that time I was a teacher and I was fulfilled by analysing children and noticing the small things that would help them succeed. When I began looking through a lens I realised that the small thing had transferred to my desire for a macro lens.

'The other day @quirkyjunket posted a wonderful macro of cow parsley seeds and I was transfixed by their small beauty. I'd collected some a few weeks ago and decided to investigate the seeds for myself. Wow! They are incredible'.

Just like a chocolate hit which makes me feel good, the camera began to do the same. The more it fulfilled me the more I noticed how amazing and facinating flowers, trees, birds and butterflies were. Even more wonderful the weeds that bloomed where they liked even though man would intervene.

'Agatha Christie wrote about the big picture. Jane Austin saw the small details. You are the Austin of photography'.
Continuing to practice sitting, looking, waiting, watching and snapping, the more I have bettered my skills of observation. During a conversation with a film maker/photographer she said, 

'Close your eyes and think of the weirdest plant or animal with the craziest patterns and colours. Open your eyes, it's out there!' (Click on the Sigma article below to read more.)

My eyes are open as much as they can be and I look to see the craziest parts of nature and to share them. My aim is to encourage you to use your senses of observation. Take a magnifying glass and an apple. Take a walk, then have a seat or sit on the ground. Eat the apple and take in what is around you. When you see something, look a little bit closer and spend time marvelling at the wonder of creation. 

'You are the Banksy of flowers'.

The Banksy of flowers! My goodness I like that.

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