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Cinematic Leaf

Nothing nurtures faith like seeing the beauty in a wilting drought sapped leaf.

Do you walk out into nature and look? Look at the different plants and the variety of leaf shapes. In the summer of 2022 we had a hot, dry moment where I was wilting. So too were the leaves on this David Austin rose. As I looked, I saw textures which reminded me of leather-bound old maps with their cracked surface both distressed and wrinkled. I hope the images engage you to investigate the detail of the lines, shapes, colours and patterns.

As you look you’ll see the intricate design of our earth. A leaf created to be not only for our engagement and pleasure but a food source, a home for insects, a building material for birds and a gift for children to crunch in the autumn. With seasonal changes from a bud to a vibrant spring green leaf to an autumnal red, orange, yellow or brown, the leaf although so simple is an amazing part of creation.


The Cinematic Leaf collection is available to purchase in limited runs. 


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