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Spring 2020 (pt 2)

Thinking of highlights - following on from my last post. 2020 did have its highlights beginning with a beautiful spring and the colours it brought with it. I'd been trying for two years to capture a vivid yellow flower without success. I like to capture flowers in their natural environment mainly because I believe that's how they should be photographed but also as it gives me an opportunity to be outside. I'd been outside with my camera earlier in the day focusing on the Aster. I'd taken the camera inside, uploaded the images and nothing appealled to me. I felt deflated and walked over to the window to have a look. I studied the flower further and then it hit me. I'd been looking in the wrong direction. If it turned the camera to a sharper angle the blue Forgetmenots would give a background with a stunning contrast.

What do you think? Aster La Vista Not gave me the buzz that an image I love does. Not only that but I was contacted by Nigel Atherton the Editor of Amateur Photographer magazine as they wanted to include it in their round up of images on the internet.

It taught me that patience is required when there is an offer of publishing an image - a two month wait. The capture also developed my skill of looking around at each angle and of contrast.

Highlight number one for 2020. What would your highlight be?


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